We have 3 smooth-coat male puppies for sale.

Smooth-coat male puppy, Happy Fantasy Ice Age, born 26.10.2021. Pedigree http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/en/testmating/131420/140493

Smooth-coat male puppy, Happy Fantasy Herakles, born 24.10.2021. This puppy is available only as a pet because his tail is shorter than it should be. Pedigree http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/en/testmating/131420/94671

Smooth-coat male, Happy Fantasy Helios. Born 24.10.2021. Pedigree http://ingrus.net/chihuahua/en/testmating/131420/94671

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Elsa has patella 0/0

Our 1 year old Happy Fantasy Eternal Love (Elsa) had her patella checked and  her knees are perfectly healthy (the result is 0/0).